BlueTooth Page Turner
BlueTooth Page Turner
BlueTooth Page Turner
BlueTooth Page Turner
BlueTooth Page Turner

BlueTooth Page Turner

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The EasyPlay Page Turner is a Bluetooth/USB pedal designed for musicians who struggle to turn their sheet music pages while they're playing their instrument. The page-turner is our premium dual pedal, supporting wireless Bluetooth connectivity to your tablet as well as wired USB operation. It is great for the hands-free triggering of app functions (e.g., page-turning). 


  • two illuminated pedals for easy use in dimly-lit areas
  • five programmable pedal modes
  • two aux outlets for optional external pedals
  • programmable external pedal modes for quad pedal use
  • automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • wireless (Bluetooth) or wired (USB) connectivity options
  • entirely noiseless pedal action
  • durable design for rugged use
  • operates for about a year on two AA batteries or use with AC adapter


    Our page-turner works with iPads and Android tablets under various apps that accept keyboard commands. By simply tapping the dual pedal of the PageFlip Firefly, digital sheet music can be flipped or scrolled in either the forward or reverse directions, so you never have to interrupt your music just to turn a page. The pedal works with any software on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. The pedal emits a keypress with each tap so any app that responds to a Bluetooth keyboard will also work with the pedal. A list of compatible iPad and Android apps are below.

    Compatible Apps

    Android: MobileSheets, SongBook, Fakebook, Lyrics Flipper+, Moon+ Reader, EBookDroid, Cool Reader, ezPDF Reader, EP45 Pro, GuitarTapp Pro, MuseBook, MuseScore, Musicnotes, Noviscore, Orpheus, and all keyboard-compatible apps.

    iPad: ForScore, OnSong, unrealBook, Avid Scorch, Alto Prompter, Baritone Sax Prompter, DeepDish GigBook, DrumSetlist Manager, Finale SongBook, Flute Prompter, GoodReader, GuitarTapp Pro, Hymnals, iAutoCue, iBandManager Pro, iBooks, iClassicScores, iCue, iGigBook, iReal Pro, Loopy, Loopy HD, MuseScore, Music Binder, Musicnotes, MusicReader, MusicPodium, My Lyric Book, Newzik, NextPage, NextSong, Noviscore, Oboe Prompter, PDF Expert, PiaScore HD, Planning Center Music Stand, Planning Center Projector, Play On Cue, Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs, Pocket Jamz Piano Notes, PowerMusic, PowerPoint, PrompterPal, Recorder Prompter, SampleWiz, Scorecerer, Scorio Music Case, SeeScore, Set List Maker, Setlists, Scorecerer, Set List Maker, Setlists, SongBook+, SongBook ChordPro, SongSheet, Steinway Etude, Teleprompt+, Tempo - Metronome with Setlists, Tenor Sax Prompter, TheGigEasy, Trumpet Prompter, unrealBook, Video Scores, Virtual Sheet Music, Word, and Worship Band in Hand.

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