LightSmart Motion Detecting Outdoor Solar Lights

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Illuminate The Outside of Your House The Smart Way!

Outdoor lights can be very costly and require tedious installation, cables, and drilling. 

Illuminate your outdoor space with this innovative Motion-Activated Outdoor LED Light that is charged by the sun.

This is the perfect lighting solution for your garden, garage, stairway or patio.

With a built-in solar panel, it charges automatically and never needs new batteries. Plus, there is no complicated wiring to worry about. In fact, you can mount this compact yet ultra-bright light in just seconds & without tools!

You can use it almost anywhere on your property to deter intruders and illuminate dark areas. The motion sensor detects movement up to 10 -15 feet away and automatically illuminates whenever someone approaches! When no motion is detected, the unit will switch to a "dim-light" mode to conserve power.

The Light Can be installed using a single screw through the screw-hole at the top of the device, the rectangular flat area on the back of the unit can also be used to mount the light using any type of double-sided adhesive tape.


  • Automated switch - auto on at night/auto off at sunrise; Dim light when no motion / Bright light activates when sensing motion
  • Solar-Powered - Minimize your electric bill!
  • Easy installation without wires and hassle
  • Durable, weather-resistant & Waterproof for outdoor use
  • Detects motion within 10 feet - 120 degree angle

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